Pearls of Wisdom : Part 3

Part 3 …..

Always align responsibility & authority – This is one of the few rules I found to be effective in building effective organizations. Without this, org charts may look good, but the organization is flawed and stifles itself.

Never confuse activity for progress. – In status reports, key results, or any 1/1 discussions.

Seek the deepest, darkest fears. – The topics that those working in your group most avoid thinking about are the problems that will surface too late to avoid impacting results in 75% of the cases. Fears must be sought for and acted upon for excellent results, and ferreting these out is one of the most important jobs of any manager.

Delegating unfamiliar aspects of a management role is disastrous. A superior manager of highly technical developments must first become versed in the areas of his/her responsibility. Only then will delegation work. For example: Operational Excellence being delegated to a staff member is Image-orientation. Making it a criteria for your own and your staffs next Focal is Results-orientation.

The Christensen Effect is real – get over it. – There is too much evidence to prove that good companies sow the seeds of their own destruction. The challenge is to ignore most of the things that made the company successful in the past, and rethink actions for today’s situations.

Wicked problems are real and increasingly common – These are problems that do not respond to straightforward linear problem solving methods like we’d all like them to. They are most common when treading into the unknown, or in strategic discussions. We must become proficient at dealing with them. See http://www.gdss.com/wp/wicked.htm

My favorite comes last:

Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler – Albert Einstein.
This is way more profound that it at first appears…

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