Korea : Seriously wired

(via Economist) In South Korea, only eccentrics use dial-up to access the internet. 68% of the households in Korea subscribe to a broadband internet service compared with 15% in America and approximately 8% in western Europe. Most of the coverage is through DSL, which is mainly effective in dense areas and close to the central office telephone exchange. 70% of Koreans live in urban areas and 45% of them live in apartment blocks. This allowed telcos to offer broadband service to 90% of the households.

Summary of some % households on broadband by country , South Korea 68%, Hong Kong 32%, Canada 28%, U.S. 15%, Japan 14%. Even mobile leader Finland is at 7%, probably waiting for 3G to provide higher data rates. They will eventually get there but will be a while.

4 thoughts on “Korea : Seriously wired”

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