My Data, My Memories, My Personality

A month ago moving out of my apartment, something occurred to me. It was a challenging and stressful time, since I wanted to throw away all the unecessary stuff and retain only the absolutley useful. There were 4 relevant categories that needed attention, financial records, photographs, books, music and movies. Everytime I made a decision to throw away something, pangs of stress attacked, for this was a one way street. It would have been so much easier, if all these were stored in digital form on my PC. All that needed to be done was to move my PC and forget about the rest. In the case of an unplanned unfortunate event like my house catching fire, I would reach out to my PC and run with it, forget the rest!. Today all this is data, 25 years from now, I can recall my memories instantly, by viewing family photos, family videos and letters almost instantly, something very difficult to do today. In 50 years when most of us are no more, these will evolve into personal archives. Our grandchildren, if they care, can revisit us, share our tastes, thoughts, choices and decipher our personality. Many believe the PC business is a mature business, think again. With digital cameras maturing, phones doubling up as cameras, videos getting more denser with MPEG4, online music subscritptions taking off and stock brokers sending us e-statements, the PC becomes the central repository of all personal information. Today it is data, tomorrow our memories and over time our legacy. We have the opportunity to leave our legacy behind, a digital legacy.

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