(via Venkat) a good motivation for the new year.

Pasted below is one of my favourite Hindi poems, learnt when in class 5, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. The poem was illustrated with sketches that allowed me to visualise the frustration faced by the ant and the diver- and they left a lasting impression on me…

As we all prepare to apply ourselves to life for yet another year, I wish each one of you the strength you need to overcome the toughest challenges you will face… [with sincere apologies to those of you who can’t read Hindi…I have no idea how to translate this without losing the essence]-

Lehron se darkar nauka par nahin hoti,
koshish karne walon ki haar nahin hoti,

Nanhi cheenti jab daana lekar chalti hai,
chadhti deewaron par, sau bar phisalti hai.
Man ka vishwas ragon mein saahas bharta hai,
chadhkar girna, girkar chadhna na akharta hai.

Akhir uski mehnat bekar nahin hoti,
koshish karne walon ki haar nahin hoti.
Dubkiyan sindhu mein gotakhor lagata hai,
ja ja kar khali haath lautkar aata hai.
Milte nahi sahaj hi moti gehre paani mein,
badhta dugna utsah isi hairani mein.

Muthi uski khali har bar nahin hoti,
Koshish karne walon ki haar nahi hoti.

Asaflta ek chunauti hai, ise sweekar karo,
kya kami reh gayi, dekho aur sudhar karo.
Jab tak na safal ho, neend chain ki tyago tum,
Sangharsh ka maidan chhodkar mat bhago tum.

Kuch kiye bina hi jai jaikar nahin hoti,
koshish karne walon ki haar nahin hoti.

Thanks and have a great 2005.

7 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR : STEELING 2005”

  1. Thanks Bosss !!
    As i was searching for this life memorable hindi kavita…
    & ur page ur storage ur thought has provided me my next destinationnnnn
    thanks one againnnnnn

  2. thnks alot ,, as i have my exams comin up and this is one inspiring poem which i wanted to hearr ,, it makes my efforts goin great.. thnks for puttinon ur blogg..

  3. dear shrikant
    thank you very much, i was very desperate to go through this poem.
    it was written on a paper, but i lost it, all of a sudden i remember some lines then i started searching for it on net . with your efforts only , i could get it.

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