About Myself

Shrikant Patil is based in Pune and leading a semi-retired life. At present he is catching up on the reading that has piled up, spending time with his 2 children and shooting the breeze with good friends on the next big business idea that will address some of the issues India faces namely illiteracy, innovation leadership and quality human resources. Shrikant would like to discuss via the blog or in person, solutions that address issues mentioned above.

He is an early investor and director in Clover Estates, Clover Greens, Town Essentials, Vitage Technologies, Nine Motion Systems and Squotient. He is also early investor in Education Initiatives, Deli.in and Nautanki.

Shrikant Patil was with Intel Corporation, most recently as Director of their Solutions Group for South Asia based in Mumbai. Shrikant grew up in the city of Pune till 1989, he left for the United States to get a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado. After graduating in 1991 he joined Intel as a Design Engineer in VLSI-microchip design in Folsom, California. In 1994 getting a little restless with the stability of his job and lifestyle he moved to Haifa, Israel to work on Intel’s first microprocessor design outside the United States. Using the weekends to extensively travel across the holy land, Sinai and Egypt for the next two years, decided to return to native India in 1996. In India he shifted from chip design to software, where he started working with a number of fledgling software companies to integrate the latest Intel technology. In 1998 he moved to Hong Kong to manage non-equity deal investments, ran the content management for Intel’s Web Outfitter Service, founded the Intel Solution Services organization and managed a group of technical staff that spanned across Asia Pacific. After an interesting 5 years which saw the boom and bust of the internet hysteria, the transition of Hong Kong from Britain to China, the continued growth of China, the property bust of Hong Kong, the rise of Korea from ashes in 1997 to a digital superpower today. Shrikant returned to India in 2003 to manage the enterprise and solutions group. Deeply interested in the impact of technology on society captured in this blog and association with young companies that do innovative work with highest ethical standards, supported by best practices.

24 thoughts on “About Myself”

  1. hi
    I was just searching net for the “kosish karne waaleki poem” and google took me to yur blog. I read few of yur blogs and am really impressed and do agree to your thinking . I have bookmarked yur page and will read yur blogs as and when i get time

    Akhil Vira

  2. Hi 🙂

    Daisy Wademan’s “Rememeber Who we are ” book and the fortune article….were what lead me to your blog…the excerpt on ” what the likes of ted turner and richard branson …have to pass on to the next generation of entrerenuers is a pretty good read..”

    Keep blogging gud stuff…


  3. Hi Shrikant,
    Somebody told me to that google can supply information on any thing. I just wanted to see if thereis anything on my name (an insignificant person) and pleasantly I bumped on your Blog. I am impressed on your work & your concerns for India & its people. I too live in Pune and do consultation. Hope we will meet sometime.

  4. Hi Shrikant,
    I am working to start a mobile content company in Afghanistan in May to increase access to information and self expression among Afghans. I am currently looking for investors and mentors. Please contact me with your details and I will gladly send you more information. I truly believe that communication technology and private sector development is a necessity to rebuilding Afghanistan. I look forward to speaking to you soon.
    Warm regards,
    -Eaton D

  5. Hi

    I am producing a chat show for Times Now and one of the topics we are looking at exploring is mid life crisis. Was wondering if you would like to give me your inputs.

    Pls mail me or alternatively give me your mail id.

    many thanks.

  6. Hi
    I have just completed my B.Tech in Mechanical engg. from Punjab technical university and rgt. now searching for job.I found all those feel good stories of india just in magzines or in media but not in reality.I, for the time being, just wanna write about the Media’s handling of the core issues with insensitivity.

    Jodhpur incident took six lives due to inundation,five on indica car of the same family and one of officer(Sena).Its been widely shown on Star Plus all day long but found it was handled without any sensitivity and shown total lack of sense on part of news reader.All through his explanation,person used termed like Tamasha,tamashbin.Let me cite it: Thousands of people are standing and jst watching the tamasha. But how on earth cant he,the news reader, sensed that it wasn’t possible not jst for the army jawans to reach thr but for even for anyone without any aircraft. Second,questions being raised were pathetic.Third, kept blaming the people standing thr, and the politician who to his unfortunateness was standing thr.

    Again,it shows lack of commitement and knowledge on part of news channel.

    Questions which i felt at that point of time , few of which am raising now:

    Where was the disaster management as we heard it all the time.11 hrs by no mean less time.enough for aircraft to travel even from the capital delhi to the incident occurence point.

    Do state governments have disaster management set up.

    If government cudnt do anythin,wat can we expect them to do at the time of full fledged floods.

    Is that the problem lies with the non conformance between centre and state governments.

    Much to say but won’t make it big. wud like to see replies or any sort of comments.


    Rohin Makkar

  7. Hi Shrikant,

    I have been trying to find you for a while. Please send me your email and/or phone number.


  8. Dear Sir,

    Please guide me for investment in DAPOLI Taluka – City.

    Waiting for urgent Reply.

    Thanks & Warm Regards,

    Sachin Chavan

  9. Mr. Shrikant,

    We are a Bangalore based IT solutions provider. We have a niche solution based on SMS.

    Readers of advertisements (that incorporate our solution), can request for brochures or more information by sending an SMS. This works like a non voice call center and the client gets a list of phone numbers (to continue with their marketing activity – a list of hot leads).

    We have Patent for India and have filed one under the PCT for other countries as well. We have a ‘happy’ client base (tiny) and are generating revenues.

    We need to commercialize our innovation and are seeking funds.

    Our experience has been similar to what you mention in your blog. We do not have any IITians nor any MBA’s associated with us – we fail to understand the logic of the investors – we have an entry barrier (by way of a patent), we have a client base who are ready to vouch for the solutions provided.

    We seek your advice & guidance (we are open to the idea of using the services of ‘angel investment consultants’).

    Thanks for your time.


  10. i m really impressed hatsoff ur profile i m trying to follow ur footsteps
    first step i have done is i have taken admissions to iiit alld
    for mba it
    [leas be in touch as my email id is prata123@gmail.com
    i m d same i have don productionengg from mumbai stood fourth in mumbai eventogh dint take three offers ie anyones dream as three companies where TCS,INFOSYS.SIEMENS.
    Instead i m great fan of robrt kiyosaki so became insurance agent as to really sell the toughest thing in this lfe ie is insurance and after that i m working for last six months in godrej sales and will join IIIT FOR my mba in IT
    i think i reach to ur level sooner in my life wish me luck

  11. Hi,
    I’m a last year law student.I made my blog on Pune in Augest 2007.I’ve one request for you, If it is possible for you give me some comments on my blog.My intention to made this blog is,I can earn some money but,after writing some articals I found that I can express myself through my articles and get paid for it.Thanx to google adsense team.


  12. Hi Shrikant,

    I work for a IT research firm and in my research came various initiatives under you at Intel India.

    could you tell me who is now the director-solutions group in intel india.

    I look forward to your cooperation.



  13. i was searching for “impact of latest technology on children” for my research n came accross ur blog…
    its really really nice..
    keep up the good work…
    and thanx a ton..
    ur blog is helping me a lot.

  14. Dear Arshiya Kapadia

    What ever you heared is what you have felt and seen. Beyond this there cannot be any midcareer crisis. How it can be saved? Learn it from me.

    Hmm – Choreography in caligraphy is some thing one should learn out of shear zeal.

    TSU KU TSU (2000) – Choreographed in collaboration with master Taiko drummer, Leonard Eto, Tsu Ku Tsu combines a stately, nearly meditative atmosphere of ritual and majesty with Pilobolus’s startling feshness and athleticism. Choreography as calligraphy.

  15. Dear Mr Patil,

    i read about you on the portal of the “Entrepreneur” magazine. I head up the Secretariat of Indian Angel Network (IAN), India’s first and largest business angel group. We have over 125 investors comprising the who’s who of successful entrepreneurs and dynamic CEOs. We have invested in 20+ companies, with 4 partial/full exits. the last exit gave our investors a 5x return over a 15 month period. We have 2 investee companies in Pune, both software product ventures. I thought IAN would interest you and you might like to engage.

    will look forward to hearing from you. My mobile no. +91 98100 69861

    Best regards

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