Is an MBA good for you ?

I have not done an MBA, never felt the need to do one when dealing with other MBAs. I do not feel the same when I am discussing genetics, mathematics, physics or even economics. Some of the greatest entrepreneurs of the last century Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Dhirubhai Ambani, Andy Grove etc never went to business school. It is argued, that the way MBA students are taught has freed them “from any sense of moral responsibility” for what they subsequently do in their business lives. The MBA may have its uses, but it does not turn students into business leaders – or endow them with maturity and wisdom read more >>>

3 thoughts on “Is an MBA good for you ?”

  1. is mba good for u? well the answer depends on the individual perspective. well it will definitely improve your outlook at things in a business. entreprenuer has nothing to do with deciding whether an mba is suitable for you. entrepreneurship ia all about having a vision and utilising your available resources to create and sustain a profitable business. while mba is concerned with the getting things done effectively and resourcefully. the main difference would be the passion involved, an entreprenuer looks at everything concerned to the business with much more passion as it is his child, a bit more attached. while an mba lets u go and take necessary steps that are essential for the business. maybe thats why mr, narayan murthy stepped down and letting a new chairman nadan nelkani to step in

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