My last day at Intel

Today Jul 4th, 2005 is my last day at Intel. I joined Intel in Jul 1991 at Intel’s Folsom, California campus. It has been an exciting 14 year excursion across 4 countries and 5 work locations across various departments covering microprocessor and chipset design, software development, ISV enabling, software marketing and lastly enterprise sales. It has been a great experience, education and a big part of what I am today. This has been my first corporate job after graduation and hopefully my last. In future, I looking at contributing in the areas of education, human resource development and micro-financing. I will be based out of Pune city, India. If you have plans to visit Pune please do not hesistae to contact me at shrikant.patil@gmail.com . Another coincidence today corresponds with American independence day.

5 thoughts on “My last day at Intel”

  1. Shrikant, best wishes for your new life. Your blog is quite a useful resource. I’ve even circulated extracts from it to make a point to our staff.

  2. Hi Shrikant,

    These is mani (X Netcore – VP Marketing) After long time, i had chance to go glance at your blog ( courtesy : Heavy rains) Good to know that you left intel and planning to start on your own. All the best !

  3. hey shrikanth

    sorry for the belated comments. July 4th is American independence day and perhaps YOURS too. You got your independence from nine to five job and all the 24 hours is yours. sure, you will spend it more judiciously for the welfare of your friends and well wishers.

    may God be with you.

    Gouraswamy krishna murthy


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