Hope for some clean drinking water

Attended the launch of Purioin FnP a water filter using ultra filtration, a technology from research done at NCL and CSIR. Membrane Filters (india) Pvt. Ltd. is marketing and proliferating the use of the technology. Purioin seems to be promising, it uses membrane which has the ability to filter bacteria and also viruses. Traditionally Chlorine is used to kill both but here the membrane provides ultra filtration capability. The water filter does not need electricity, it can be used where no power is available, especially calamity affected zones. Lot still needs to be done, the membrane needs to be mass produced, distribution channels need to be established, mass awareness and finally technical support. On the marketing side lot needs to be done, the word Purioin (even I could not pronounce it) will not fly in villages, difficult to recall for the average city person also. Even a website has not been put up and if you need information you have to send email to membranefilters@vsnl.net or call 020-25456018, something more sad even a contact name has not been provided. I wish the product Good Luck because India needs basic clean drinking water. If it clicks it will be a good reference for an indigenously developed product that solves a real problem.

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