The Shameless Gurus of Today

Today Thursday 21st July 2005 was Guru Purnima Day. A day dedicated to the selfless Gurus who selflessly imparted knowledge, charater and wisdom to their students. As I opened the papers this morning, the top headline talked about IT swoop on “business” in education. Being a little slow early in the morning it seemed like some new Information Technology initiative. It was a raid on the private institution which had amassed unaccounted wealth to the tune of 100 crore rupees. It included a Padma Shree, what a shame ? a state minster, no surprises here and the most astonishing of them all, Unesco chair of the world peace center. Various students and parents confirmed the arrogance and non-transparency of these institutions. 22 years ago Vasantdada Patil privatised education institutions with the intent to provide more students with the opportunity to study in the area of their desire. However politicians quickly captalized on this and born were institutions which siphoned off crores of rupees from helpless parents that wanted a good education for their children. Unfortunately even our President the great Abdul Kalam who most Indian revere shares the dias with some of these disgusting members of society. Would you like to study in a college where your founder or management violates the basic laws of society and sucks blood from Indian parents who are ready to sacrifice their lifestyles for their children’s future. It is the genetic problem of Indian parents that has been the catalyst of these institutions that grew fast in just enrolling more number of students and more number of courses with no qualitative check. The next step for the government should be in one swoop open 100% FDI in eduaction. That will enable the Stanfords, Harvard, Insead to open campuses in India and for the donation they pay and get 3rd grade education in the colleges of today they will at least get a degree from Universities that are recognized for their quality of education all over the world. Today will put a big question mark in the minds of our children who will attend their courses in colleges that are run by shameless and characterless Gurus. I always though why the moral standards of Indian society are degrading? The answer is getting easier, gravity.

Jamshed Wadia adds. Its no different in our premier education institutes. Let me give you some food for thought about the level of ethics in people passing through IIT’s/IIM’s. The most closely guarded secret is the extremely high percentage of NPA [non performing assets] in the loans given to IIT/IIM students. Some circles say its as high as 1 out of every 3 student defaults on his repayment of educational loan. Informed bankers suggest there is less default among cobblers and tailors.

2 thoughts on “The Shameless Gurus of Today”

  1. I would look at the number regarding IIT/IIM loans with scepticism. Had the default rate been so high, no sensible bank would pursue this stream of customers. On the contrary what is observed at these institutes is that a long line of banks awaits students to take loans….

  2. I have always believed that managemnt schhols can never teach ethics.After all, where are ethics when heaps of money fly around?Remeber Christ: “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God”.Management should not have been about money: after all, the Indian Army with its existence hinging on man-management , and the Catholic Church (Drucker’s example, not mine) are two of the greatest practitioners of Mangement around, and their prime objective is NOT to make money.
    Most IIM graduates take their first job in finace companies or Management Consultancies.I tend not to hold them in high esteem. On the other hand I recently met a most unusual young man who graduated from a premier Mangement Institue of our country to join– the Ramakrishna Mission!He heads one of the Mission- run schools: his erudition, speaking abilities as well as his spiritual knowledge marked him out as outstanding. I believe, and hope that he will make hhis mark on our society one day, with immense benefit to all. I can’t see that happening with the other graduates obsessed with money.

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