Back from New Zealand

Just returned today from a 10 day trip to Auckland, New Zealand and Singapore. We had gone to to study the education system in New Zealand which has produced some of the best public schools and teachers world wide. I will be writing more on the various things that we saw and learnt while we were there. Our host during the trip was Gordon Dryden author of learning revolution which sold more that 10 million copies and a former talk show host. We were humbled by the drive and enthusiasm Gordon demonstrates at the age of 75, motivated by the sole objective of making the world a better place to live.

2 thoughts on “Back from New Zealand”

  1. From Gordon Dryden, co-author, The Learning Revolution

    Thanks for the kind thoughts. But what’s this 75. Actually: 74 years young. But Alistair Cooke was still broadcasting on the BBC his weekly letter from America at 95. And Bertrand Russell finally finished his contribution at 97. As a donation to your readers, please feel free to read and download the most recently-published version of “The Learning Revolution” at http://www.thelearningweb.net

  2. dear shrikanth

    Hell, what a name for a pizza franchise in New Zealand. if the ad only reflects the majority of New zealanders, what they feel about the dubyaman, Bush is definitely the villain no. one in the map of the world.

    gouraswamy krishna murthy

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