TV and education in India

TV advertising in India crossed a billion dollars for the first time recently. 5 years ago there were 165 channels with 30 million cable homes and 70 million homes with TV. Today we have over 250 channels, 61 million cable homes and 108 million TV homes. What is sad, that except for a few channels most are dedicated to news and entertainment. So we have a situation where TV is doing its worst and making a lot of money, for nobody has tried doing better. The person most responsible for invention of TV, Phil Farnsworth believed TV would eradicate illiteracy.

We still have illiteracy, we have no media company in the big 10 focussed on education, no education company in the fortune 500 and education is big business. So if the inventor for discussion sake is right then we really need to relook at how TV can be used to tackle better literacy. More thoughts in the coming days…..

2 thoughts on “TV and education in India”

  1. Well i have another thought on this. One of the objectives of propogating literacy is to make people socially aware of their enviornment. If TV doesn’t provide literacy it atleast brings a sense of wanting to be literate among people and i think thats very important. Once the bug of wanting to improve your status quo bites you it will make you look at ways you can change it.

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