Rural Kids handle Ambiguity Better

(via Education Initiatives) Educational Initiatives offers products and services that help to accurately measure learning, promote self-learning in children and empower educators and school leaders.

A lot of “learning” that happens in our schools and children today, turns out to be rote memorisation with very shallow introduction to ideas. To contribute meaningfully in tomorrow’s world, students and schools need to shift from FACTS to SKILLS.

In a Comparative Assessment Study on Urban vs Rural Indian Child, the same Class 3 Maths test was given to students of classes 3, 4 and 5 of rural Andhra Pradesh in South India and urban students in New Delhi. While the urban students clearly outperformed their rural peers, it was found that unfamiliar questions seemed to stump the urban kids more! Also in some questions performance actually falls from class 4 to 5! more details ….

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