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“Chalta Hai” Mindset

(via Indian Express) There is no magic like customer pull. If voters—in the group where the voting volumes lie—demanded better public amenities and services, then the supply side would change. And when there is no hope, then sab chalta hai, as in chalana he padega. When we see better, and there is hope, then patience and tol-erance levels decline. That’s what the consumer goods experience has been.

Creating active citizenry has been a problem so far. That’s because there are many pieces of the effort that have to link together, and most efforts that are being made but not working too well are because only one link in the chain is being changed. Creating active citizenry needs very sophisticated and ubiquitous communication that ener-gises and awakens people with the absolutely right message.

Only citizen groups can put processes on the ground. Leave the politician out of this, he will come on board when he has votes at stake. >>>>

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