Bunty aur Babli in IT

(via TOI) and Subroto Bagchi’s column Times of Mind which is not available on the web. He talks about the impact of IT on rural India. For the first time in India, their socio econmic background will not come in their way as they to enter the most exciting part of their lives. Information technology is an industry that has a very high number of people who have been children of significant economic and social disadvantages.

In a batch of 100 fresh engineers that joined MindTree Consulting, anonymous feedback was taken on various demographic indices. An overwhelming 33% came from rural agricultural background. This was followed by a good 20% who were children of small business folks. The rest came from salaried class amongst those were 4% of teachers and 2% of priests. This research was repeated at Philips India and Sasken. The spread pretty much mapped to the MindTree data but went one step further. It showed that 12% pf people came not only from rural but also poor background. In this case only one parent was graduate or less, had studied in a vernacular medium government school in a small town. In white goods the best they had was a transistor and aa bicycle.

I request Deve Gowda, our own fumble farmer, one who is humble and fumbles, studies these reports in detail and stops positioning IT as elitist. It will then occurr to him that is not about feeling for the poor or feeding them fish but teaching them to fish the right fish that has a good price in the market. He needs to get busy with developing infrastructure, implementing policies that will reduce the information gap between our small towns, districts, state capitals and metros. Its not a digital divide my friends but a political divide.

4 thoughts on “Bunty aur Babli in IT”

  1. hi
    it has been a wonderful xperience reading ur blog at regular intervals……… the first post tht i read of urs was that of a talk of steve jobs at sme graduation ceremony……….beleive me it had quite a gr8 impact on me…. specially tht part that every event adds up… i can’t forget the part in whic he says as to how he took up font designing and ultimately how tht helped in building of an os………..so enough abt steve jobs…….

    actually tht post onwards i hav been a regular here but never spared the thought of appriciating ur efforts….i like to be un-noticed u c…….ur views on society, technology-tech mindset and excerpts hav always kept me thinkn……..

    after a few days i won’t be able to use the net or read ur blog………so i decided to write to all those who hav been inspiring, challenging and rather entertaining my mind …………. i hope u keep up the gud rather gr8 work and continue to inspire ppl by ur writings………

    ……..a humble (lengthy) note from a person who is small but wishes to be big the straight way…….


  2. I studied in the Govt. Engineering college, and my bet is that this phenomenon is largely due to the reservation.

    I am not for it, but I think its a great social experiment. I wish someone does the survey to see how it has benfited. I believe a large number of first time tech-graduates are from this community.

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