India vs China, First Impressions can be deceiving

(via Yahoo)

First Impressions Can Be Deceiving

The contrast between your first impression of China and India could scarcely be more extreme. You arrive at China’s financial capital, Shanghai’s new Pudong International Airport, and walk through spacious, clean corridors to the world’s fastest train, the Maglev. Your 30 km (18.6 miles) trip takes only eight minutes on this train that floats magnetically above the tracks and reaches speeds of 430 kph (267 miles per hour). From the Longyang Road Metro Station at the outskirts of the city, an air-conditioned taxi takes you to the Grand Hyatt Hotel. As you exit the car you marvel at the other towering skyscrapers that surround the world’s highest hotel, located on the 53rd to 87th floors of the Jin Mao Tower.

Contrast that with a trip to Mumbai, the financial capital of India. You arrive at the decrepit Mumbai International Airport, fight your way through crowds of beggars and unsolicited “helpers” before finding a taxi that takes to you your hotel at the southern edge of Mumbai. Although the trip is only 20 km (12.4 miles), the ride may take 90 minutes or more. There is no direct route as the driver wends his way through side streets trying to find the least crowded route.

1 thought on “India vs China, First Impressions can be deceiving”

  1. comparison is defintely required, at this stage. But, let us not get dejected at the comparitive statements about india. Although india is 58 years ( post independence), thanks to our shortsighted policies of our leaders, who stunted our growth with their lopsided policies. Atleast now, let us be happy of the fact that WE HAVE WOKEN UP. Hopefully, if we grow at the same consistency for one or two decades, may be we will surpass china, if not rest of the world.

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