My Favourite Restaurants in Bangalore

I travel to Bangalore once a month and am generally parked in the Indiranagar area. Some of the good restaurants and foods are…

6, Ballygunge Place for Bengali cuisine, surprise, yes Bengali cuisine. Don’t enter the place if you have south Indian tase and are vegetarian. Introduced to me by Macky, who has stayed in Calcutta for over 17 years. The complete staff have been imported from Calcutta, sorry Kolkata. Their desserts are fantastic, if you get a chance try Ice Cream Sandesh and Misti Doi. Address is 6, Ballygunge Place, #612, 12th Main, Indire Nagar, Bangalore – 560 038. Phone : 5152 1390 Mobile 93421 40520.

Herbs and Spices off CMH Road in Indiranagar. They serve excellent continental food at very reasonable prices. They have an interesting cafe ambience and a daily menu that is read off a black board. They have a counter for desserts that can be seen and selected. The address is No 221, Ground Floor, 7th Cross, 1st Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore 38, Phone 25290399.

Kanua, off Sarjapur Road just before the Wipro Campus approaching from Ring Road. If you have reached the Wipro campus you have gone ahead. Tucked away in a by lane off Sarjapur road is a back- to-the-roots (as opposed to state-of-the-art) restaurant with an an intriguing name, “Kanua.” Kanua, explains Rajesh Pai is the name of a lost breed of rice from South Kanara. The restaurant is a tribute to Konkani cuisine. It’s been lost to mass production and commercialisation. I am not making any recommendation because everything at Kanua has to be discovered and experienced. To appreciate Kanua, you must like Konkani cuisine and have a taste for coconut oil. The restaurant is above the Quetzel Outlet, Survey No. 6/2 Kaikondrahali Village, Carmelaram Post, Sarjapur Road, Phone no 55374471, 55374472.

I have more will add them, when I have their exact addresses and contacts.

4 thoughts on “My Favourite Restaurants in Bangalore”

  1. Do you know of some place where I could host a non-kiddy party? It should be a non-restaurant kind of place (without the usual arrangement of tables spread across a hall), more like Elements or Herbs n Spices in Whitefield. Is Kanua that kind of a place?

  2. I have been to Kanua. I like the feel of the place . The best thing is that you can carry your own boze.
    By the way, have you all tried Umerkot???? Great place for kebabs, the food is just too good. It is in Koramangala, not too much of a lavish look, but the service is great.

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