Pentium Key Chain Quote

More than a decade ago, in December 1994, Intel faced a crisis, the Pentium chip caused erroneous calculations because of a buggy floating point error unit. Intel recalled nearly a million chips that cost the company a one time charge of US$ 500 million. After the crisis was resolved, each employee was given a key chain, with a flawed chip engraved, and a quote from Andy Grove.

Bad companies are destroyed by crises,
Good companies survive them,
Great companies are improved by them,

– Andy Grove, December 1994

With the next generation of management, the ones that were created in good times and stupendous leadership, are basically lost and finding it hard to keep up.

2 thoughts on “Pentium Key Chain Quote”

  1. isnt it great. A company, which accepts and acknowledges its mistake, can only grow – this incident proves that INTEL perhaps is a finest example of
    of such a company.

    g. krishna murthy

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