Good messages from ISB convocation

The Indian School of Business had its convocation recently. Some good quotes and advice from Ratan Tata and Rajat Gupta.

Ratan Tata began his address by recounting a story of a man who goes shopping for a parrot. He is shown a bird for 5,000 USD that can type in English using its beak, another for 10,000 USD that is proficient in 3-4 languages and can understand SAP. The most expensive tag of 30,000 USD is placed on a parrot, and the shopkeeper doesn’t know why. “They call it the Chairman,” the shopkeeper says. It’s the standards, the values that you play with, not just how the market plays with values. This waas

Rajat Gupta shared his experience garnered from his “rather simple career” spanning “33 years in the same organisation”. His first lesson learnt in his very first assignment was to “go with a learning mindset in whatever you do.” Another important lesson was to “make others you work with succeed so that they in turn will help you succeed.” He reiterated Ratan Tata’s advice of “leading through values” and told the students to be “value-driven” in everything that they set out to do. “You’ve got a lot from the society, and from this institution. Learn to give back in whatever measure. It will hold you in good stead,” was his message to the Class of 2006.

I really liked this parting message from the deputy dean, Ajit Rangnekar, a quote from Viktor Frankl : “You now have enough and more to live, make sure you have something worthwhile to live for. You now have the means for a good life. I hope there will be a meaning to that life. Good Luck!”

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