Bring the cycles back

Petrol prices are expected to go up another 8%. The clueless FM, mainly out of touch, wants to issue oil bonds to cover subsidies. My advice bring the cycles back, make bus lanes and ban personal travel in peak hours.

I experience traffic in two cities, Pune and Bangalore, and as you check with the citizens there, the traffic only gets worse. So you have oil prices going up another 8%, traffic slowing down 10% per month, so we Indians continue to fill up the coffers of OPEC, with Arab countries being the biggest beneficiaries. We continue to spend more time on our roads, that affects personal and national productivity, inhale toxic fumes, which will for sure increase our health care costs. We need get back to basics immediately.

We need to bring cycling back to cut our petrol export bills. We should have all Town / City development plans in India to implement dedicated cycle paths all across the country. In order of priority, public roads should give preference to pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and then personal transport. It should be conducive for people who have to commute less than a km to walk, less than 5-7 km cycle and in all other cases use public transport. Personal transport should be a luxury and not a necessity. All the kids spending more time in front of the TV should be forced to ride a bike to school everyday and have a good impact on the health index of our country.

Today the world is living off its ecological capital rather than its interest. We need 4 extra planets to support the world with an American lifestyle. India is building infrastructure that will only consume more natural resources and fast depleting irreplaceable infrastructure. Time we start investing in infrastructure to conserve natural resources, good communication infrastructure will impact conservation for sure.

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