Jul 4th 2006

Its been a year since I left Intel in Jul 2005. Must admit it has been a great year without a job and living life on one’s own terms. No more of those early morning or midnight conference calls, status updates and operation reviews. I claim full responsibility for the steady decline in Intel stock from $28 to $17 today.

Lot has happened in the last one year. Explored education opportunities with Atanu and courtesy of Rajesh. Was very excited about the mobile content business and continue to be. Ranjani dreaded my return to the corporate world since she and kids were seeing more of me. Rohan did not get admission to his sister’s school, we were hoping both would study in the same school, same system. Who said life is fair, even more unfair in India where the supply demand gap is huge for good schools, jobs and living environment. Along with five friends we launched a residential golf course community in Bangalore. How I got associated with this project is a story in itself which I shall reserve for another day. This project takes me to Bangalore once a month, I must say my participation is passive.

Overall it has been a great year, with no real plans to course correct it.

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