RTI helpline : In memory of Manjunath

The Manjunath Shanmugham Trust and Parivartan, an NGO promoting the RTI act, have jointly launched the helpline 9250400100.

This is after a year IOC executive Manjunath was killed in Uttar Pradesh allegedly by the oil mafia enaged in adulterating petrol. The Manjunath Shanmugam trust has been started and is devoted to his memory.

3 thoughts on “RTI helpline : In memory of Manjunath”

  1. If the trust committed to wipe out corruption and bring transparency… we too join ur organisation.. infact we have decided launch new political party( anti corrupt idealogy)

  2. pl keep us posted about the latest position of the case. The culprits are highly connected people & will do every trick to avoid punishment & to hush up the case. We should all be alert & shout from the rooftops & not keep quiet—when is the next hearing ???? A R

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