Rural Tourism : A visit to Baramati

We decided to take our kids for a rural experience for Christmas holidays. We decided to go to Baramati, where there has been a concerted effort to develop Agri Tourism. The usual holiday, where you land up on beaches of Goa and hill stations like Mahableshwar teeming with people? Tired of crammed hotel rooms and eating the usual fare? Instead, try agri-tourism for the out-of-the-box experience. Here you can hear your own breathing !!

We participated in edutainment farm tours in Malegaon Village, where we were told about the cultivation of grapes, sugarcane, pomegranate, guava, mango, chikkoo, Custard apple, coconut , lime , banana and many more fruits plantation, guests can visit dairy farm ,milk collection centres , goat farm , emu( like ostrich bird) farm , also got an insight into how silk is produced and raw jaggery and sugar is made. We had some evening entertainment, Marathi programmes such as Bharud, Jagran Gondhal, Shekoti folk songs (all these are combinations of songs, drama, acting with music and dance), I must say the program was very nice. We got a chance to play some of the forgotten rural games like gilli danda, gotya and bhavra.

The kids really enjoyed the bullock cart and tractor rides, eating freshly made sugar and each had their own stick, which they ferociously played and guarded, till their return to Pune. For those, who think only Sony Playstations or Disneyworld can engage them, check out how basics and nature can also engage them. Be prepared for some dirty clothes, dusty bodies and please don’t get worked up, for thats how nature wanted it, in the first place.

3 thoughts on “Rural Tourism : A visit to Baramati”

  1. Dear Shrikant,

    I plan to travel from Mumbai to Baramati for the Agrotourism visit with my family on 8th September 2007.

    We will be travelling by car. I wanted to get info on the route to be taken after reaching pune. Is there as bypass from pune towards baramati ?



  2. Hi,

    Imagine yourself in a village … away from the city commercialization … away from the noise and the pollution, the rat race …

    Now imagine the activities that the villagers are involved in . . . . . the farming, the different festivals, and the simple joy

    We would like to take you there, get you to interact, explore, experience and get involved in their lives. 5 days with them. You would eat, sleep and see how they work … and if interested you could give them a hand as well … this is what we offer … a chance to explore the real world like you have never seen … where we give you the comfort and the security.


    Are you interested in the above Idea? Why?
    What are your expectations from such a venture?
    How much would you be willing to spend on such a trip?
    We will give you the basic amenities, but are you willing to stay without the current luxuries?

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