Observations from Thailand Vacation

Visited Thailand for vacation last week and wanted to share some observations.

The Thai Baht just seems to get stronger year over year. At the time of financial crisis in 1998 it was 50+ to the dollar, now it is 34. Two yeaars ago it was 39.

Thailand continues to be the top holiday destination in Asia. Reasons culture, good scenery and nice friendly people.

Three car brands dominate Toyota, Honda and Isuzu, rest are marginal.

Price performance of hotels continues to be the best.

Bangkok has a new international airport, SuvarnaBhumi Airport. Their old airport is better than any of the Indian airports.

Tourism is unaffected by the military coup, etc.

Old white men continue their romantic life in a warm climate and young thai women. Their pensions in England and Europe takes them a long way here.

If you are planning to use the Club Mahindra Resorts to stay, think again.

The thai dessert, Mango on sticky rice was the discovery of the trip.

For more bkms visit my earlier post.

4 thoughts on “Observations from Thailand Vacation”

  1. Hi Srikanth,

    Looks like you did not loose your Intel terminology yet.(BKMs) 🙂 I happened to bump into your website sometime ago. It is now book marked and I really enjoy reading your posts. Good job.


  2. hi
    please iwill be very much obilidge to you if you guide me.
    i stay in santacruz, mumbai i like my son to learn golf as i dont know about golf can u tell me where i can enroll him to play golf.
    i know its not on your ,but i will be very much obilidge to you.


  3. If you are planning your vacation, you want to consider Thailand. Thailand has become one of the most loved travel destinations in the world. It has many types of landscape on offer. The mountainous regions of the north, the plains in the central, eastern and northeast area, and with southern Thailand offer some of the most attractive beaches and islands on the planet. Thailand’s infrastructure is one of the most modern in the region. Transport, banking, and telecommunications are all excellent and it makes Thailand’s remotest regions convenient and easy to visit. Thailand’s nightlife is legendary and a major attraction for visitors and its restaurants and bars help complete an irresistible package with some of the best cuisine and entertainment available. The numerous galleries and museums housing treasures of bygone ages offer visitors a genuine visual delight.

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