What do I tell my Caddie ?

I have a caddie named Prahlad, he is 60 years old, retired from a local transport company, a caddie for the last 30 years at Poona Club Golf Course. I pay him Rs 100, US$2.5, for a 9 hole round, when I rarely play a 18, Rs 150.

He asked me to get his 22 year old son employed, studied upto the 8th grade, acquired no specific vocational skills, just sitting at home. The old man also has a daughter who is 25 years old and is ready to marry her off. He is dreading the Rs 2.5 lakhs, US$ 6,000 expense that comes with it.

Where do I employ Prahlad’s son ? He may have some hidden qualities, but he needs some training, before he takes up any kind of job. At the same time, he has the arrogance that he deserves a job without requisite qualifications and training, which local political parties brainwash in the minds of unemployed youth. Locals should get jobs irrespective of whether they qualify or not.

This is the state of India, a case with most households, a young population not trained but at the door step of a job market.

7 thoughts on “What do I tell my Caddie ?”

  1. The son does not want the hard work of being a caddie. The father used to do a night shift at a local transport company, then a round of golf in the morning. He used to then go home and slip before heading of to work. Hard work for sure, but he did it for family.

  2. There are certain rules in life. Either one has to use his brains or his legs to fill his tummy. If he hasn’t trained to acquire any skills nor is ready to sweat, then he has to pray and hope for a lottery to strike him.

  3. Of course he deserves a job, any job will do. How else is he supposed to eat? A job is every humans right.

  4. send him to me I will train him to be a good office boy with computer skills necessary for to take up furhter studies.

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