Contribution and Commitment to a Cause

Last sunday, in Bangalore, attended a speech by Shashi Tharoor, someone who nearly became U.N. secretary general. He gave an inspiring speech on education and the problems that plague it in India. 1 in 3 teachers don’t teach and collect their salaries, how do you become a teacher, get a B.Ed degree by paying donations that gets routed to politician pockets. More in a later article. But he concluded there is hope, if we get involved with commitment. He narrated a small story …. an interesting concept of the United Nations, a favorite of Kofi Annan he disclosed. Shashi narrated…there were a hen and a pig together talking about the problem of starvation in the world. And both were very concerned. The hen said,” Do you know my friend, between the two of us we can actually solve the problem of food for the entire world.” The pig was curious and asked, “How”? The hen said, “Simple while I lay the eggs you provide the bacon”? The pig said, “This is all very good. But do you know my friend for you it’s a contribution and for me it’s a commitment”?

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