Transform the Night

One third of the world’s population—two billion people—make a difficult choice every night: use a dangerous and expensive kerosene lantern for light, or live through the night in utter darkness. If the available choice is less dangerous—for example, candles or single-use-battery flashlights—it is no less expensive or harmful for the environment. Two billion people are facing a decision that negatively impacts their health, income, education, and security. Every night.

SunNight Solar’s BOGO Light transforms the night by offering so many people in need a new choice. Elegant and simple, SunNight Solar’s BOGO Light is a breakthrough technological and social phenomenon. Generating clean LED light from rechargeable solar-powered batteries, SunNight Solar’s BOGO Light can go where other fuel-dependant lights can’t: to a poor person in a small village located far away from the electricity grid. And the BOGO Light can do what other lights can’t: change a life.

SunNight Solar’s BOGO Light helps solve the most daunting issues in the developing world: poverty, literacy and education, health and safety, environmental impacts, the empowerment of women, and family security. >>>

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