Treo 650 : Planned Absolescence

I have been using the Treo smartphone from Palm for the last 6 years. The last model, I used, the Treo 650, has been a great disappointment. I have a group of about 6 friends, that bought one around 2 years ago, plus minus, couple of months. Mine started packing up a couple of months ago, constant automatic reboots, cracking voice qaulity, the data sync interface for computer backup, packed up after a year itself, I felt lonely and just unlucky. Gradually I was in company, one by one, all the 6, started giving up, with some kink or the other setting in. Having 6 Treos, all bought at the same time, break down around the same time, seems to be a plan by design and manufacturing, so that users will upgrade themselves to the next model. Now, none of us are Treo fans anymore, and await for the iPhone to arrive in India. Citibank has just sent an offer to all their credit card customers, for an open, unlocked iPhone, for Rs 24,599/- For those considering a Treo please avoid it and consider other options.

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