A Nation of Hypocrites

(via livemint) Ramesh Ramanathan narrates some of the contradictions in our society. We believe that “mamatha”—a mother’s affection—is a sacred emotion, and yet unflinchingly inflict horrors upon our women. We take bribes, and then hope to wash away our sins by thrusting thousands down the slit-eyed hundis of our temples. We speak of compassion, but show little for the household help who toil away in our homes. We study “moral science” in our schools (whoever coined that phrase?) and are tested to see if we got the spelling right when we have the essence wrong.

How can a nation with so much collective wisdom and spirituality be broken in so apparent a fashion?

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1 thought on “A Nation of Hypocrites”

  1. Good analysis. Perhaps that gives a clue to why our society is turning violent. Why are we getting so corrupt? The administration does not look after the people. What ails us as a nation?

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