7 months for a passport

I had applied for renewal of my passport on Dec 31st 2007. I  have held a passport for the last 20 years first one issued to me in 1988 and renewed in 1998 in San-Francisco. With over 6 booklets and visas to 26 countries, the passport was cancelled on Dec 31st 2007 with 2 live visas. I have made 3 visits to the local passport office and 4 visits to police station. I just contributed to our oil deficit. Our prime minister’s dream of issuing a passport in 3 days is a very wet dream for now. The only credible achievement was that I did not pay a bribe.

These are the governance fundamentals on which the economy is growing 8-9%. The government does everything to stall the progress of the nation. Every step to move forward will be blocked in some way or the other by a government official.

I have many recommendations for maintaining the security of the country. Population is not the curse of the country, it is our government and our people who govern, who lack integrity and character.

1 thought on “7 months for a passport”

  1. India’s public sector is not dissimilar to ABS brakes on a modern car – very effective and designed to bring a well tuned engine to a standstill. India’s public sector has some of the brightest minds (usually top IAS officers running the main departments) who employ their intellect to devise new ways to trip up law abiding citizens and companies. Their philosophy is often to ignore or display ignorance of the laws they are supposed to apply – we citizens then have to educate them on the laws of the land and try to convince them to apply the laws – ultimately if we cannot prevail upon them to do so, we have to pursue our case through the courts – ultimately we will prevail but at the cost of our time and money.

    India’s politicians have high hopes for the growth and prosperity of this country. So far the economic growth has come about in spite of rather than due to any major contribution from government – a country so short of basic infrastructure, consumer goods and services can only look to grow and the growth rates of 8-9% is nothing special – one can only guess what growth rates we could look forward to if a decent public sector without corruption could contribute to business efficiency.

    Unless the public sector can be overhauled, stripped of corruption, run on commercial principles of efficiency, trust and accountability and be brought up to the standards required to serve the needs of the private sector, the Indian economy will never reach its true potential. Our public sector’s brakes need urgent attention so that we do not all end up in one big traffic jam.

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