Sad but not Surprised

India has probably had one it’s worst years in the last 25 years, terrorist attacks, sudden slow down in growth, loss of jobs and an uncertain future for many. The 26/11 attacks in Mumbai made me sad, and worry for friends and family.  I am very sad, but not surprised, because the policeman is waiting to see where he can make the next 100 rupees to fund his evening drink and non-veg, a lower level government official is collecting bribe to buy his wife some extra gold, laptop for his sun or a family vacation. Do you think the interest of the country is even present in the minds of people who have the responsibility to make it a better place. Does this country or society really care for its people ?

If it takes me 7 months to get a passport, do you think there is any kind of intelligence that is available to detect the next attack. For good security, you need judgement, one needs to be good to the genuine, tough with the suspicious and be “smart enough” to differentiate between the two. Judgement is a complex molecule made up of intelligence, experience, exposure and finally good character.

Sub standard equipment that our police has to deal with is not a bad choice but a greedy choice, because the purchase decision maker has to get his cut and the supplier has to  make a profit to survive. I was told recently informed by a farmer who grows potatoes, that all the green or inferior produce is all bought by the army to feed young jawans. Is this what they deserve because they protect the country. It is a known fact, that  rations bought by the army is all 3rd grade because the managers of army canteens lack knowledge and character. When you are on a budget and corrupt then quality suffers. I am involved in the food business and have first hand experience, but am pretty sure, it is also the case, when our country buys arms, equipment, etc we put the country at risk.

I have finally concluded, what we lack is character. I was told in school that always tell the truth to your teacher, lawyer and doctor. All I can say today is that these three professions today represent the lowest levels of commitment and character. In the coming days I am going to give many examples from society where lack of character, is gradually poisoning our society to levels far below medicority.

1 thought on “Sad but not Surprised”

  1. Agree that character is so important. Like somebody said “A leader should have strategy and character. If you have to do without one, let it be strategy”.

    At the same time, if you really draw parallels, we are going the same way as the American society / system. Well connected people lead double lives. They say one thing do another. These people occupy positions in business and government interchangeably. That blurs the ethical divide between the two. That is the approach India is embracing surely.

    Thus if you are well connected, you can get away with minimal damage.

    Having said so, it seems that as a country, India will prosper, do very well economically etc. etc. But will it be a country free of visible corruption, nepotism? Will it ever become a country where the rule of law holds to be true and same for everybody? Perhaps never. So if you want to make a lot of money, go to India / U.S. But if you value the finer aspects of life, go somewhere else.

    Certain countries and their people are traditionally known to put society before their individual ends. What you point to in your article can be expected in those countries, not in India. Maybe, because they have a homogenous population.

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