Comments on Slumdog Millionaire

Finally got to see the movie yesterday. Enjoyed the movie, story, direction and everything about it. I would like to capture some of the comments before and after I saw the movie.

“The movie is a very ordinary Indian movie, Rahman’s music is very average, but because it is directed by a foreigner, it has got lot of publicity and awards.”

“Indian movies which project Indian misery are acknowledged abroad, look at Satyajit Ray.” ” Western audiences gobble up our poverty greedily”

“Technically a great movie, but the contents are very biased. It projects that every Indian is corrupt and a child abuser”

My take, it is a movie and not a documentary. Anybody has the right to tell a story. There is truth in every aspect of the movie, the system is always against you, everyone is assumed to be dishonest not honest, the corruption, the child abuse, manipulation and the reality of slum life.

There are many messages that come from the movie, that one can be so happy with so little, Mumbai is probably as energetic and lively as New York but at lower prosperity levels. If you love what you do, there are many pleasant bye-products to it.

There are couple of articles that narrate some unique messages.

It is roots and linkages that many Indians now seek to shed, and many Americans now seek to reclaim. And that may be the silent allure of “Slumdog Millionaire.” It is a tribute to the irrepressible self, filmed in a society now realizing it has given the self too little, watched in a society now realizing it has given the self too much. >>>

Boyle has exposed this underbelly in a manner that makes one squirm, cringe, reject and reluctantly accept – Mumbai is not for the faint hearted. Neither is this film. And if you can’t stomach some of the scenes – too bad. Don’t flinch. Don’t look away. This is Mumbai meri jaan. >>>

Don’t let the movie mislead you: there are no fairy-tale endings for most of India’s street kids. I was one of them myself. >>>

I will definitely see the movie one more time, must watch for those who have’nt and request the government to make it tax free.

3 thoughts on “Comments on Slumdog Millionaire”

  1. Shrikant – I completely agree with your assessment of the movie. I enjoyed it – it shows realities of street life. Some people thought it was extreme, but that many people call other masala pure entertainment movies unrealistic, so here’s a real one – deal with it.

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