Recession Resistant Companies or Cockroaches

A cockroach is a rare species that survives a nuclear attack. Daily, I try and look for companies that have not been affected by the global meltdown, which in my mind is an extraordinary recession. A serious correction in action, incorrectly referred by many as a recession. Discovered couple of companies that continue to do well.

Netflix : It’s official. Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) isn’t just recession-resistant, it’s recession-magnetic.  It  passed the 10-million-subscriber mark. It’s a lofty milestone and a refreshing surprise. The DVD rental giant started out the year with just 9.4 million members. >>>

Indigo Airlines : The last of low cost airlines to start a pan-India operation. ccording to the Business Standard, “Not only has the airline wrested the third largest position from Kingfisher, it has also replaced Kingfisher Red as the largest LCC. At the start of the year their MSS was 10% and now they have about 15% of the total business in India. Those who fly Indigo will appreciate why their business continues to grow.

2 thoughts on “Recession Resistant Companies or Cockroaches”

  1. these companies may be recession resistant… but gone are the days where you can pick a stock and sit back…

    individual stock picks requires constant attention to know when to get out…

  2. Shrikant – recently a new style of disposing movies has emerged here (at least in the Bay area) and it is big enough for the CEO of NF, Reed to comment that he has started to lose sleep over it. RedBox is a kiosk with a simple touch screen interface allowing you to rent movies for buck/day from grocery stores. if you keep it an extra night, add another $1. if you keep it for 17 days, you pay $17 and its yours to keep. for viewers like me, it is perfect. I watch new movies only and I am happy to return it the next day. I dont need a blockbuster to force me to keep it for 3 days and pay $4.50+ (although they are changing as well to counter NF). the choices on this is obviously not super extensive but most new movies show up. they communicate w/me over email (when I rent, return and for new movies released each week), have no card to keep a track of, allows you to choose a movie in a few screen touches/swipe the card and the machines disposes it. great service.

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