Nandan’s Appointment

I have a dear friend who took this appointment by the corrupt UPA very seriously. He believes this is the start of the great things to come. Sorry my friend, feel even more sorry for this country because nothing will happen. We had Sam Pitroda who was appointed as chairman of knowledge commission, what happened ? nothing.

My prediction. Every Indian will not have a ID card or a unique ID by the next elections. Nandan will be back mentoring Infosys folks or will embark upon writing another book.

What this government and most UPA leaders have mastered is a good, sympathetic, honest face with all the corruption in the background. Thats why our Gods and Goddesses have mutiple faces and multiple hands. A hand to donate and a hand to loot. A face to be perceived as honest and sympathetic, one that takes bribes to do what is right.

Anyway more on coming posts, why India and Indians have lost it.

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