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Why India will not become a Super Power this Century

A few old school mates met up last Sunday and were discussing the current economic and political situation. I commented, that in a few years, 50 families will rule this country, economically and politically. There was silence and for a change everyone agreed. The reason, that few families will control this country implies that we are not a meritocracy based society but one of patronage. India will forever demand but never command in the globaleconomy. Below are a few reasons why we will never be a super power.

Rich Poor Divide : The disparity between the rich and poor is widening. The average quality of life is deteriorating. It is not about the poor having a cell phone but about living without fear. The fear of hunger, exploitation, lack of choice and uncertainty. This rich poor divide is what is proliferating the naxal movement across the country. Addressing the naxal movement is only addressing the symptom not the root of the problem.

Corruption : The British set up a system of governance which enabled extraction of resources in a structured manner. When the British left the transfer of power shifted from white people to brown people. They continued to extract benefiting a few families and this trend will converge to the benefit of the 50 or so families that will ultimately rule this country. Unless the bureaucracy and politicians are made accountable this country has no future. Our public servants were rated the least efficient in Asia.

Legal System : The legal system in India needs to be completely re engineered where the focus is to render justice. The nexus between lawyers, a corrupt judiciary is making it difficult for a common man to get justice or  business to run efficiently. It also becoming impossible for the poor to seek justice because of the high costs.

Right to Education: Still 50% of our country remains illiterate. Every educated citizen should be drafted to educate the rest of the country. Just like many countries have compulsory military service why not we have compulsory teacher service.

Decline of key professions: While in school, I was reminded to always tell the truth to one’s teacher, lawyer and doctor. My general experience with all 3 of them has been notorious in the last 3 years. There are some exceptions, in general, one has to to be lucky to find them. Teachers hired by the government don’t do their work, those in private become inaccessible to the common man. The same situation applies to doctors and lawyers also.

There are many other issues, but if we start addressing the above with a 25 year plan and a mission where a billion people participate. The world will notice us not because of the number, we are, but the large number focussed on doing the right thing, that will be ideal momentum.

3 thoughts on “Why India will not become a Super Power this Century”

  1. Do u know why India can never be a superpower in this decade? Ans seems very complex bt in reality its quite simple :

    1. Indian ppl r very-very SELFISH (almost 99% ppl).
    *”SELFISHNESS”* is the root couse of All Evils eg. corruption,diversity,rich-poor gap etc in india. It creates fear for one’s life, thats why no1 comes forward 2 fight evil

    2. LAZYNESS is another evil in indians, which creates under-development and slow progress

    3. IGNORANCE is another evil which gives rise 2 factors like communal diversity,lack of education,promotion of political crime etc. Thre s a saying tht “parent’s ignorance spoils children”. Thats the reason why india has no unity in diversity(main cause of social unrest)

    4. Last but not least, indians r NOT-PATROTIC (again root cause- Selfishness & Ignorance) ,which encourages enemy country ….

    In simple words, SELFISHNESS is the prime evil which creates distress in india. Jst remove selfishness fm evry indian mind(only God can do it) & india will be on top of the world.

  2. unf india will never be a developed country ,in the next 50 years at least 1)population growth ,india will have 1,5-1,6 billion in the next 30 years imposible to get out of poverty the last 800 mil people
    2) trade deficit is high right now but in the future it will be huge india’s need for oil food and others will make the country after some decades indeed of high ec growth very voulnerable to foreign finance and especialy to oil prices wich would have reached peaked by then .
    3) corruption as mentioned by the author, once coruption sets in some economic development will not decline ,look at italy the most corupt developed country tax evasions mafia corupt goverment even if they are developed economicly ,here is the only area indians realy can do somethyng and it will determine how much they will grow ,another thing is the one child policy imposed democraticly not like in comunist china but i think indians have to be aware that few countries in the world have the density /km2 as india in EU only netherlands has that kind of density and in the future india will surpass it making the acces to resources extremly hard ,considering that in asia there is another resource hungry superpower china ,IT technology must be the only goal of india, heavy industry and middle class consumption are a dream that will never reach india in the next 50 years.

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