Dharavi, Mumbai, India and The World

Somebody made a nice observation today. We were discussing the future of India etc and so on. Both of us had the realistic view that the future of India was bleak. An observation was made that “what Dharavi is to Mumbai, India is to the World”. What an astute analogy. Mumbai will collapse, if not for Dharavi that keeps it running. The maids, taxi drivers, cleaners, porters who hum Mumbai stay there. Similarly, India plays the role of Dharavi in the world. A country, with abundant human resources, supports the world with its inexpensive services. It stinks, garbage everywhere, full of disease, corruption but at the same time functional. Nobody will want to stay here, but depend on it anyway. If you have to make a choice, this analogy helps. Jai Ho Dharavi, Jai Ho India.

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