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Resignation Rituals

I always advice young entrepreneurs to align responsibility and authority in their teams, a basic management funda, not natural to Indians who demonstrate authority and take no responsibility. A good leader or manager always manages the link between the two, while managing the performance of his/her teams. A good leader will always step aside when a major goal is not achieved. There have been many resignation rituals in the past 2-3 months. L.K. Advani led the BJP to defeat, resigned and quickly took back his resignation. The same happened with Sreedharan, CEO of Delhi Metro. Another character is Narayan Murthy who still makes announcements on the Infosys platform. Leaders just do not like to let go, because they are basically addicted to the power they wield. These insecure characters are extremely worried what will happen if they let go ? they cannot imagine a day with no phone ringing, no business card, no photos or quotes in newspapers, no admin to manage your day, privileges like free tickets to one day cricket matches, patronage and entourage of chamchas. If they do choose to move on, they can experience the aroma of morning coffee or roses in the garden, at the same time mentor the next generation of leaders and managers. They continue to cling on desperately until the end, if only someone had reminded them that a graveyard is full of indispensable people.

2 thoughts on “Resignation Rituals”

  1. This is a common phenomenon in sport as well…. Favre, Jordan, Lance A, the list is too long. It seems they simply cannot let it go. However, do you think there’s something positive about sport personnel as opposed to the people in power? I guess one difference in sport is the competitive spirit that brings them back.

    1. I have admiration for sportsmen like Michael Jordan, Schumacher, Imran Khan and to a certain extent Gavaskar who left at their peak. The other guy who should look at immediate retirement is Sachin Tendulkar. Indians love to reward past performance.

      Whether in power, sports, corporate timing is everything. You should also plan to exit at the right time. You can always argue there is competitive spirit in positions of power also.

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