Criticism of Jaswant’s Expulsion

Some really profound articles, view points and editorials have emerged post the expulsion of Jaswant Singh. I have not seen such good articles in a long long time.

I would like first start with what I said in this blog a few months ago. Indians cannot differentiate between History and Mythology. 11th century Arab traveller’s Alberuni’s observation that Hindus (as Indians were then known) have no sense of history. Indeed, they can scarcely distinguish it from mythology.

This is what Sudeendhra Kulkarni had to say in the Indian Express today. He says his expulsion is a baseless one and will haunt the BJP for a long time. Over two days he read this book cover to cover and scribbling comments on almost every page of it, more than on any other book I have ever read, I cannot but exclaim: “Stupendous achievement, Jaswantji!” I cannot think of any other political biography authored by a practising politician that is so exhaustive, erudite, penetrating and well-written. >>>

Jaswant is emerging as a martyr with full public sympathy says Swapan Dasgupta. His article is a narration of contradictions the BJP seems to fumbling on. >>>

Shekar Gupta in the Indian Express writes about us being Masters of Illiberal arts. We have a poor record of history writing. That is the reason why the poorest entry on our CV as a great democracy of 62 years is in contemporary history writing. The Nehru-Gandhi family has led us for most of these years, directly or indirectly, and yet there isn’t a single book on one of the greatest democratic dynasties of all times that would do justice to them, our intellect, or to the great Indian tradition of debate. >>>

Rajdeep Sardesai is willing to place a small bet. Jaswant Singh’s book on Jinnah is a little over 650 pages. None of the 20 odd members who comprise the BJP’s think tank at the party’s chintan baithak have read the book cover to cover. Had they read the fine print, they might have realised that the book is more a critique of the role of the Congress leadership during partition, doesn’t eulogise Jinnah, nor does it castigate the BJP’s new posterboy Sardar Patel . Unfortunately, in politics, no one really bothers about the fine print! >>>

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