Not only Third world but Third rate

We are definitely ranked as a third world country in the world. You can definitely be a poor country that is rated high on education, ethics, governance. etc. Some of the events over the last few days justifies India is a third rate country.

– A new survey shows we are the top shoplifters in the world and the retail industry is still in its infancy

– Manu Sharma was assisted by the Delhi government (run by the good old granny) to get parole and was found partying and misbehaving with girls at a Delhi nightclub.

– Madhu Koda again supported by the Congress party to be Chief Minister looted hundreds of crores of rupees. He is definitely the tip of the iceberg and is only representative of a normal politician. The Congress is trying to create a clean image by investigating him. First fully aware you shit on the floor and then clean it. But when you clean it you bring in sensationalism.

Anyway time to wake up or keep sleeping.

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