Hemant Karkare’s Jacket

You all know by now, the bullet proof jacket of 26/11 martyr o Hemant Karkare has gone missing. This is a classic case of destroying evidence in this country. There is a classic line that every politician will use ” the law will take its own course ” and usually these turn out to be of infinitesimal periods with no conclusion.

There is only one story, the purchase officer for the police forces was bribed by the manufacturer, sub standard jackets were delivered and the quality control in charge was bribed to pass it. Make no mistake, the bribes were distributed from top to bottom with no exception. Nobody anticipated an event like 26/11 would take place and everyone would be one happy family. Now the shit has hit the fan, so the easiest thing to do is to destroy the evidence.

I want everyone who reads this article that in any forum or capacity demand the truth behind the jacket. Another suggestion that the jacket is not found in 6 months the we request Mr P. Chidambaram, the home minister of India and RR Patil home minister of Maharashtra, to take a jacket from the same manufacturing batch, volunteer to wear it and get some bullets pumped into them, to check whether bullet through or bullet proof.

Please comment on whether leaders should lead from the front or let the law take its own course.

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