Thank You Bonus or Guilt Bonus

Got a call this morning from one of my friends saying ” you missed the thank you bonus from Intel”. Was wondering why Intel, known for running a tight ship is acting so charitable. The year is definitely  a year to celebrate with AMD not being as nimble as before, but there were two big rulings that dampened the even greater year Intel could have had . First was the fine of 1.45 billion Euro imposed by European Union. For all the we are clean talk by top Intel execs this should have put a doubt in employee minds: ” we are not that above-board after all ”

Next was the Intel AMD settlement for 1.25 billion U.S. dollars. Again if Intel was that much in the right and all their brainwashing of AMD is always copying them, then why this settlement.

Thats why in spite of a good recovery year, I am calling this a guilt bonus not thank you bonus. More a PR stunt to motivate employees stuck in their overpaying jobs, frustrated and clueless about what to do next.

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