Critical Corner Jan 2010

It is always good to ask Why ? Why ? Why ? and peel the onion. The superficial media and the so called youngistan do not ask tough questions or challenge the status quo. So I have decided to post these simple questions as and when they come my way.

Has anybody taken a status update from Abdul Kalam of his grand vision 2020. Proof of concepts of some of his ideas like PURA are gathering dust. Mr Kalam only 10 years remain any thoughts on how we are doing ? My take: Pathetic

Ever wonder why Narendra Modi never gets invited for any business awards even when Gujarat is the fastest growing state. Gujarat is no Bihar where the base is small. It has been in the top 3 for so many years now. My take: He does not pay up.

Inspite of Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry Prof Venkatraman categorically stating that India had no role in his Nobel Prize, we fools jam his inbox with congratulatory messages, and give the second highest civilian honor, Padma Bhushan, despite his honest claims. My take: We suffer from an inferiority complex.

You may have an answer for the above would love to hear from you. If you have any questions that challenge the obvious, you can either email me or post to the blog.

2 thoughts on “Critical Corner Jan 2010”

  1. Hi Shrikant, hope you remember me. I regularly read your blog, but this item opened the can of worms for me, so here goes my input –

    How is it that we Indians idolize and worship a small set of selfish and self-centered people (as in Amar Singh, Amitabh Bachchan, SRK, Tackareys, Manmohan Singh, Montek Singh, Ambanis, Barkha Dutt etc.) who definitely posses very polished/suave personality, but do nothing to leverage their capacity to serve others. We just watch them in awe and over-analyze whatever they say, which most of the time is very un-intellectual talk. My take – our society (including the self proclaimed intellectuals) in general does not possess the wisdom to see through the fog of power/money/glamour.
    Why is it that we bask in glory when we find problems/short comings in other societies? Why do we blame Australia for racism when our own political goondas blatantly resort to discrimination based on every perceivable factor? Why do we (including the elite media) not question our internal issues, instead of finding vicarious pleasure in others’ problems? My take – we not only have inferiority complex (as you said), we are inferior human beings too.
    Why is it that we just assume that we are IT super power or leading nation when we know how pathetic we are in the utilization of the same IT? Why is it that I don’t see a single Indian website that I can be proud of, or a single IT-centric product that India has offered to the world? Why is it that ecommerce is still non-existent in India (don’t get me started on the websites of Air India or Indian Railways), whereas it is maturing fast elsewhere? My take – we are just bunch of cheap labor (with occasional sprinkle of some geniuses, but that is just a function of Math) without the fear that this cost advantage will diminish over time.
    Why is it that we still listen to those who say how great our Indian culture is when we know that we still have rampant cases of child molestation, child labor, dowry killings? We say “atithi” is considered God in our culture, but the foreign tourists are charged much more for the Taj Mahal visit? Why do we not complain when some of us discriminate against others? My take – we are too elfish a society.

  2. Agree… we are a feudal, hypocritical society. On the the IT super please read my articles on Q/Q and Crawl before you walk.

    Thanx for replying.

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