A Billion Idiots

I am getting more and more convinced everyday that we are country of a Billion+ Idiots. The press is giving massive coverage that Rahul Gandhi took a fast local to Dadar yesterday. Btw even I was in mumbai and took a train from Dadar to Parel, so whats the big thing he did. With all the problems that we face, this should not be the news we should be consuming. We should reject news like this and demand better coverage on real issues.

Even if we are not, we are destined to be a Billion Idiots.

(via Sushant) We as a nation want our celebrities to be part of our public life. We want them to have a view on international relations, on communal matters and even on sexual freedom. We want to be sprinkled with a bit of their pixie dust by giving them Padma honours when they don’t need it and National Awards when they don’t deserve it. We want them to entertain us onscreen and then edify us off it. They oblige us because it helps them promote their movies, or sell their products. And then we complain when they follow our script, or indeed the script of any of the special interest groups that have captured pubic space. We plunder our own history like thieves, and expect stars, not scholars, to write us a future. Sure, the West too values its celebrities, especially if they feed the hungry in Darfur and adopt the needy in Cambodia. But it doesn’t expect them to set the national agenda. >>>

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