Coming Back to India

Many times I get asked by friends and family staying abroad, whether they should come back to India.  I am one of the preferred portals, because I came back in 2004 and been around for about 6 years.

If you have a good job, children going to school in their teens, my first response would be, “Do Not Come Back”, stay put wherever you are. However the following exceptions can negotiate with the initial response.

– If you have lost your job and are having problems finding another  due to age or sex discrimination then India is a good place to stretch your dollar

– If your family owns some real cool property in India, especially in the top 8 cities of India.

– Parents or close relatives are not well and someone close is required to be around.

– You have the connections to start a business or likely to inherit a business. You should be  ready to deal with patronage, corruption, feudalism and sycophancy on a day-to-day basis. Your value system will  morph period.

Will expand more on the above in the coming days.

1 thought on “Coming Back to India”

  1. I will take your advice for now 🙂 … look forward to your expanded list to search for reasons. But i do miss Mumbai and love it for whatever it is. Do agree with your last para on things one may have to deal with. I only found out how tough it can be when i moved out and didn’t have deal with it anymore.

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