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Critical Corner

Infosys reported net profit of Rs 1600 crore a drop of 1%. The stock has doubled in price over the last year  in anticipation of good results. The company generates 6400 crores of cash and market capitalization is 153,000 crores. How can one or anyone justify this kind of valuation. Even the stock market does not merit performance like everything else in India.

There are good and bad politicians in every political party. No political party can be counted a good or bad. So analyze every candidate and vote for the best one.

My maid Balamani has gone back home to enroll for a widow pension scheme. Another one of UPA’s “no work more benefits” scheme.  Her husband left her a while back, she is young in her mid thirties, able-bodied, definitely not old enough to deserve a pension. Neither old nor a widow, but local authorities have informed her family she still qualifies, for sure they will get a cut of the pension. No surprise where the tax payer’s hard-earned money goes.

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