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We have to pay a premium for honesty

In India there is no acknowledgment or premium for honesty. The rich don’t want to address it because it only helps them maintain the gap between rich and poor. The middle class are too busy making ends meet. The young, the worst of the lot, believe it is cool to be apolitical. They have inherited freedom and a democracy for free. They  are very easily impressed with Rahul Gandhi riding a train or visiting a famished lady by helicopter in the interiors of India. Most politicians and leaders are ready to sell the country for a price.

We as a country and society have to restore the respect for good and simple people, we can make the wrong and powerful illegitimate. The wrong doer must have everything — money, power and name, but should not have respect which should be reserved only for the good. The best way of fighting wrong doers is to respect good people — the simple teacher, the honest shop keeper and good men and women.

What no one figures is that at the heart of all our problems lies Corruption. If India can even tame this monster, forget slaying it, many of these problems will simply disappear. (via Pritish Nandy in Times of India) >>>

2 thoughts on “We have to pay a premium for honesty”

  1. At the heart of all problems is not corruption but the psychology of Indians. Most Indians by nature are greedy, selfish and morally weak. It is these traits that cause them to be corrupt, callous, contrived and cowardly.

    Unfortunately, dictatorship comes to mind as one possible solution. However, it does have to be a “moral dictator.” And I might just have used an oxymoron.

  2. We can dream as much as we want for free. The truth is Santosh hegde the head of Lokayukta resigned because he was unable to protect one innocent officer. This is the words of the ex-supreme court judge. I rest my case.


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