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Why are Prices rising ?

The last five days of Parliament have been in a deadlock with the opposition parties crying foul over rising prices.  The BJP sees this as an opportunity to sack or embarrass the government, the left wants a roll back in petrol prices. The visionary PM keeps saying that prices will come down in a few months, the cricket minister who also is in charge of agriculture wants a good monsoon for prices to fall down. There are many reasons why prices are rising, cost of petrol is only one of them. There are two main types of people in this country they are the manipulators and generators.

Unfortunately India has more manipulators than generators in positions of power and broad influence. The people who generate for the economy for eg: are teachers, farmers, engineers and doctors and all the services required to make these efficient. It could be a domestic help in the house of a woman doctor, who enables her to maximize her service to people by taking care of the house and domestic chores. Who are the manipulators ? We have them all around you and believe me don’t spare them if you get a chance.  Let me give some examples and by the way, if you look around they will be very rich, no intellectual background, will not be able to hold a conversation on any topic and generally very boring guys with not much to contribute.

Real Estate Developers: Most of these “so called developers” bought or grabbed land cheap, paid corrupt government officials to convert the land for development. They are rich, not because they deliver value but a commodity which is made scarce intentionally with full cooperation of netas and babus. All the bribes from government officials is again channelized into buying more land ,a favourite for parking black money.  All politicians without prejudice use land in the direction of development as a major source for generating money to win elections.

Government servants: Please note that I have not used the word servant for domestic help but this class of people are true servants. They serve the government by extorting  the common people or aam admi.  It is sad that when the government needs all the money to control deficit, provide education and healthcare, these humble servants extract bribes that are now not a percentage of the government fee but in many cases a multiple of it. The Home Minister needs all the help to fight the naxals but he ensures all his staff make large sums of money by harassing the common man. Then he and we, all wonder why the naxals are getting public sympathy and support. Instead of being eyes and ears for the intelligence service in the streets, they have smart eyes, long hands and sticky fingers to extract money. I was told this morning, one of the main revenue earners for the home ministry are those who die in road accidents. If somebody dies in a late night accident the post-mortem team will put alcohol into the cut dead body and report alcohol. Then harass  the dead man’s family to settle for a large amount to give a positive report.

Government Brokers: They are everywhere. They own some of the best and most of the houses in Delhi’s Golf Links or Aurangzeb road. Without doubt I will say it is our hard-earned money. All they do is that they broker large procurements by the government, army or PSUs and take a cut of it. There are many ways this is played which I will leave for another day.

I can go on and on but basically lot of resources are getting wasted in large governments and large corruptions. Lot of revenue that should be going into the exchequer goes into the hands of brokers, government servants and politicians. The brokers are couriers for explaining the rules of the game, collecting the money and distributing it appropriately from top to bottom.

Is the opposition serious about rising prices ? then just blaming price of Petrol is not the way to go. We need less government, better collections via transparency, less corruption, subsidies or support reaching the person directly and in full.

1 thought on “Why are Prices rising ?”

  1. The government has to consider the development of vehicles, that does not need petrol or diesel to run. The petrol or diesel price is not under the control of government.

    So why cant the government encourage the industrialists and manufacturers in this country to develop such a vehicle, that runs with either air / battery / solar energy ?

    When the students from engineering colleges (automobile branch) are succeeding in developing such a vehicle, why cant the industrialists like Ratan Tata do that ?

    This way, we can also reduce the environmental pollution.

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