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Secular = Appeasement of Minorties

Over the last couple of weeks I have witnessed the pre and post happening of the Ayodhya verdict. What irritated me most was the inconsistent behaviour of the left of centre media, many of whom belong to the JNU and St Stephen’s brigade. What I also realized is that the integration and progress of India is being held back by secularists and implementation of secularism. There are a host of issues that have actually held India back since independence. I will address two of them namely population control and implementation of the law.

Population Control: India’s population at independence was 350 million. In 63 years we have tripled in size. If we had  500 million people less, our per capita income today would have been twice what it is. One of the reasons the Congress party with the exception of Sanjay Gandhi completely ignored this issue, very well knowing  that population  will be one of the biggest impediments to the future of India. If India had implemented the 2 child policy right at independence the population of India,  would not have been more that 500 million today. Why did the Congress party not implement the 2 child policy ? They were always concerned that the Muslims and conservative Christians would push back and feel victimized. Clearly religion was given priority over the state and the state is in a mess.  Today, the soil  is severely depleted to provide enough food, water resources are under stress and  air quality is bordering dangerous levels in most cities. The struggle to provide for the 750 million below the poverty line will be one that will take several generations to resolve.

Implementation of the Law: The recent case of Afzal Guru’s sentence by the Supreme Court to hang until death is being treated as a joke. He has appealed for pardon to the President of India and it is well-known that the ruling party is just sitting on the death sentence. The home minister claims that only one file can be processed per month. So, for a billion people only 12 pardon appeals can be processed annually by the home ministry and President’s office.  China in contrast has 30,000 executions annually, I am not in support of large-scale executions, however I do believe by statistic there will be a certain number of heinous criminals for a billion people who need to be eliminated periodically by capital punishment.  This tells a lot about the inefficient legal system and how it is being manipulated because the criminal is from the minority community. It is because of these actions that the majority get perturbed, and the good in the minority, have to continue to justify their good.  Again a very good example where the interest of the state is sacrificed for a few.

Of course the JNU brigade will argue very differently. The above two issues will guarantee that India continues to be a 3rd world country, where we will struggle to educate, feed and secure the 750 million very poor Indians, 500 million of which could have been avoided in the very first place. The specific point I would like to emphasize is, we have to put the interest of state above everything else, the interests of a billion people over a few.

2 thoughts on “Secular = Appeasement of Minorties”

  1. I disagree with your point on “Population Control”. The quality of population (if I may) to me is more important than the size of population. Take Japan for example, a culturally and economically affluent nation. A country with virtually no natural resources, yet half of Americas population on a land mass the size of California. What we should have focussed on instead is top quality “Education” (certainly not the kinds taught in schools today). The demographics, which world economists say are already going strong for us, would then have been heavily tipped in our favor.

    1. Hi Vinay

      Sorry for not being explicit on the quality part.

      With half the population we would still be the second most populous country in the world. We would still have a generous demographic dividend, just a higher quality dividend better educated, more healthy, more honest citizens.

      I completely agree with your point that top quality education is the key, my point is that providing top quality education to half a billion people consumes less resources than a billion people. One action could have made the task easier.

      my previous article on Quality: Q/Q or Quality by Quantity

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