Dynasty: Indian Genetic Defect

In a previous article, I had discussed our responsibility as parents and  what we owe our children.   Yesterday, Bal Thackeray launched his grandson, as the leader of the Yuva Sena, in the same breath he denied  promoting dynastic politics. Indians suffer from some kind of dynastic phobia, they practice it and deny it in the same breath, one cannot be more contradictory.

In India only two parties have publicly shunned dynastic politics, the CPM and the BJP. However only the CPM, it seems is the only one practicing what it preaches. Just last week, the BJP’s Bihar President, C P Thakur, threw tantrums when his son was denied a ticket. The difference between the Congress and BJP:  it starts at the top in the Congress and in the BJP, this so-called disease originates and spreads more at the middle levels.

Look at Omar Abdullah, mounted on his throne because of his father, is not able to handle the pressure as we speak. Many “Idiots” were impressed by the few words he spoke in parliament during the nuclear debate. None of the next-gen in the Congress have delivered on real issues or doing any real work, but  do offer some our shallow media good photo ops. This demonstrates that to make a difference, you need extraordinary capability and passion, especially in a country like India.

Yesterday the Indian Express published an article, that many professionals in Bangalore were disappointed and ashamed by the proceedings of the recent trust vote in the Karnataka Assembly. Many of these same hypocrites in their political views on facebook will write liberal and apolitical, because it is cool to be not associated with politics. They rightfully deserve the negative perception built about Indians and their crass leaders around the world. These so-called apolitical liberals woke up when their global  perception got affected. We Indians have started demanding and in most cases begging for various kinds of recognition like but not limited to “Super Power”, “India is better than China”, “Indians smarter than Chinese”, “Americans are lazy we are not”, “Young India will show the way”.

When young India starts giving meritocracy a chance and ensures that merit is duly rewarded, will India move towards being a true global power. I want to transmit Plato’s wisdom on governance, “those who consider themselves too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those they deem dumb”. Indian society needs to actively promote and place deserving people in politics and the outcomes will be different, one of pride and not shame.

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