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Bringing Down Inflation: If serious tackle corruption

Why has the focus turned to scams and corruption. Rising prices over the last few years has started to pinch the middle class and the poor are suffering even more. Basics like food, education, housing and health care are becoming more expensive day by day. One of the root causes of this trend is corruption. Corruption is basically the siphoning of public money into the hands of a few.

Taxes collected by the government that rightly belongs to the people, is flowing into the hands of politicians, their cronies, bureaucrats and government servants. Today the bribes that government officials demand is a multiple of the basic fee. For eg: A driver’s license may cost Rs 400 but the bribe to get one maybe Rs 1000. The babu-neta nexus has become so obnoxious that their attention is consumed by the next big project or PPP initiative, they care a hoot about the common man or their concerns. Joginder Singh former director of the CBI has claimed that nearly Rs 10,000 crores is collected in bribes everyday. This money that is coercively collected by representatives of the government needs to go into the government exchequer or to the people. If we really want to address corruption recommend the following.

– Discontinue rs 500 and rs 1000 denomination notes from circulation. RBI needs to demonstrate its autonomy just like the supreme court is driving the 2G and CWG cases.

– Make taking bribes a non-bailable charge.

– Rapid passage and implementation of the Lokpal bill.

– Every public service offered by the government should be published with a service level that specifies time to deliver the service. Every application should be tracked from application to rejection or completion.

– Revamp the judicial system that every case is settled in a time bound manner. Encourage out of court settlements through people courts.

– Video clips of raja eating an omlette in tihar jail, standing in line to be counted, demolition of adarsh should be telecast across all channels. (I would have personally preferred whip lashes in public, but we don’t have the guts for that)

If you believe otherwise please let me know. Your inputs on harsher or more creative steps are welcome.

1 thought on “Bringing Down Inflation: If serious tackle corruption”

  1. There is a different, more elegant and more beautuful solution. i.e. if we dont want to be bribed by our representatives, we simply must stop paying bribes.

    Unfortunatley way too much trust deficit among Indian citizens to trust the others to do the same too. Hence everybody takes the low ground.

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