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Mahatma Gandhi a HR genius

The rise of Gandhi and his role in the independence struggle against the British is not a one man story. Mahatma Gandhi was a HR genius. Behind him was a little known team he carefully recruited. Gandhi was actually an energetic and effective director of one of the 20th century’s most innovative social enterprises. He was, in essence, an exceptional entrepreneur who relied on a tight-knit community of coworkers—and an extensive store of intellectual resources—to support him and his work.

One of his team members was a man named Mahadev Desai. Desai’s daily routine was grueling. He woke before Gandhi arose at 4 am in order to work on the Mahatma’s schedule and make other preparations. He was by Gandhi’s side throughout the day, taking notes on his meetings and various activities and helping him draft correspondence and articles. Finally, after Gandhi had retired, Desai wrote a diary account of the Mahatma’s day so that no important detail went unrecorded.

Can you get an assistant like Madadev today. Very difficult!

Read more via Gandhi’s Invisible Hands by Ian Desai in The Wilson Quarterly >>>

1 thought on “Mahatma Gandhi a HR genius”

  1. Thats a cool article. Mahatma was indeed an HR genius. We can also give some credit the time he was in when the resources wore a different shade than today’s. Well that could be my pessimistic eye or ignorance.

    On the other hand finding a Mahadev might be very difficult but surely not impossible. At times ppl amaze me with their honesty and dedication even in this age of cut throat ‘jugaad’ where contenders would do anything to get the most by performing the least.

    I am interested enough to go ahead and read Ian Desai’s take on this.

    Any talk on the Mahatma is always very motivating.

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